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About the Show

The Waiting Ruem is a podcast that discusses the realities of waiting in every season of life. Whether you are about to land that dream job or you are still trying to figure out your calling. Whether you are trying to grow your family or you are in your forties and still single. Whether you are about to buy your first home or you are waiting for your youngest child to move out. We are all waiting for something. 


So it's not about what we are waiting for, but how well we wait. We could become so consumed by the longing desire for something that we completely miss the beauty of the process. 


Each episode contains relevant information to help you thrive and not just survive in your season of waiting. Many of the topics discussed will give you helpful information on relationships, finances, health, and many other aspects of life. If you're looking for someone to whom you can relate, this podcast is for you.

About the Host

Rue Chikanya

Rue was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and raised wherever her mother's diplomatic duties took her. From a young age, she has always been curious about the profound things in life. Having an insatiable desire to know how everything works has fueled her fascination with life and people. Whether it's studying the intricacies of the human body or observing peoples' behaviors and interactions, she considers herself a student of life.

At age 18, she became a born-again Christian - a significant event that changed the trajectory of her life. She began to realize the deeper purpose of life - to have a relationship with her Creator. This transformation has given her spiritual insight and awareness that she hopes will inspire others.

When she isn't motivating others to live life to the fullest, you will catch her reading, working out, singing, dancing (when no one is looking), exploring, or simply enjoying the company of her friends.


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